How To Manage Waste Effectively To Keep The Environment Pollution Free

06 Nov 2018

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Home renovation work can bring about lots of wastes. Construction and demolition industry generates about one third of the annual wastes produced in Australia. We are talking about millions of mega tonnes. Out of this, approximately 35% of the wastes ends up in the landfills and pollutes the environment. This could be an average 7 million tonnes per year.

There is nothing wrong in improving your home, office or business. However, the renovation works can be executed in an organised way to reduce the impact of waste on the surrounding environment.

A waste management plan

It is best to discuss and implement a waste management strategy with the site construction manager to help reduce the waste produced during construction and demolition. Check if any local waste management will provide you with skips to store the wastes or collect the wastes. The waste removal services will dispose them off to proper recycling facilities. Or else, you contact any local bin hire services in Frankston to take care of the issue.

Importance of waste management

Proper waste management is essential in keeping a nation free from pollution and other environmental hazards. It helps reduce its environmental impact conserving a healthier and sustainable future. However, in order to implement an effective recycling process, especially of hard waste, advanced technology is required and proper knowledge is required.

Reuse and recycle

Smaller homes generate lesser waste than larger once. It is better to spend more on higher quality materials than purchasing or constructing a larger house. If you are concerned about saving costs then Recycling and reusing materials can help you save plenty of renovation costs. You can easily find second-hand appliances, furniture and even building materials online for purchase at a much reduced price.

Donate or repurpose old materials 

If you can manage time, it is better to contact your local waste removal service in Frankston to help donate the unwanted items and materials away during the times of relocation or renovation. The old oven could be useful to your friends or relatives who has just started out living on their own. The old pile of bricks in your lawn could be used by someone else to pave their patio.

If you plan on freeing up some space by breaking down the interior walls, renovate using timber furnish. They can be used to produce attractive and useful cabinets and hall tables. You will be surprised to find that there are numerous DIY instructional resources available online for repurposing old materials.